Are you interested in undertaking postdoctoral research at the Centre for Medical Humanities?

Centre for Medical Humanities Blog

The Centre for Medical Humanities would like to advise eligible researchers of funding schemes to support postdoctoral work in medical humanities. Please see below for details of the fellowships available and for information on how to apply. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Centre Co-Director Professor Jane Macnaughton to discuss research proposals in the first instance.

ADDISON WHEELER Fellowships (Durham University scheme)
Addison Wheeler Fellowships encourage ‘efforts for increased knowledge of people and their make-up so as to enable them to make better use of their life here on Earth’. Addressing this aspiration is one of the conditions of the Fellowships but it is intended to be interpreted broadly and should not be seen as restrictive.   They are aimed at researchers of a high calibre, who have completed their PhD at the time of application and are at an early stage in their career. Fellows will pursue…

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